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Easy, Gorgeous Flower Art Projects

During this Quarantine, [email protected] art teacher, Sherry Wallack, has been hard at work in her studio crafting projects children and adults alike can do using things they already have at home! Art is therapeutic and much needed during times of stress and uncertainty. Follow along and learn how to make Paper Flowers to brighten up your home!


young boy holding up a bouquet of paper flowers

Scroll down, if you don’t know how to make an Accordion Fold*
Making Kleenex Flowers- Class Craft – YouTube
Diy Tissue (Kleenex) Flowers

  • Tissues (as in Kleenex, not tissue paper) – 3 sheets for each flower – use 3 ply for extra fluffy flowers
  • Bobby pins to hold the center together (or twist ties or pipe cleaners or a piece of yarn or any kind of wire or even a staple)
  • Markers (only have a black one? That’s okay, too.)
  • Scissors
  • Tape

*Accordion Fold How To:

  • Start with your green or other color paper strip (about 3-4 inches wide x 9-10)
  • PULL THE RED SLIDER to the right, to 0:26 and watch until 0:34 for this “Fold-Flip-Fold” technique: Accordion fold paperfish – YouTube


Green or other color paper strip (about 3-4 inches wide x 9-10 inches long) you will roll up, from one corner (see below)

(or use a drinking straw! or a chopstick! or a pipe cleaner or a twig!
or a “soft wire tie” – from a hardware store or a wooden dowel or a cut a section of a coat hanger).

Photos of the steps to make paper flowers.

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