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Fight The COVID Blues – Make Cards

Operation Can-Do

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The Theresa Foundation is a proud supporter of Heartillery! Our TAPA and [email protected] students have provided artwork for cards that have been sent abroad to service men and women. Heartillery’s most recent project is “Operation Can Do” in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. See below for ways you can get involved in supporting our service men and women during this worldwide crisis!

Fight the COVID Blues – Make Cards

We hope you and your family are safe during these challenging times. When Heartillery Group was founded in 2012, we were confronted by a different challenge – a war in which our women and men were sent overseas. We were motivated to do something/anything to give back and show we cared. It was a powerful feeling to make a difference in soldiers’ lives and we’ve been doing it ever since. Thank you for your support.

Today we renew our commitment to caring for our soldiers during this new COVID crisis. So many of our Troops have been mobilized here in the States and abroad, away from friends and family. So with that, we are inspiring cooped up families with kids and households of all ages to make cards and write letters to lift the morale of active duty military personnel who are away from friends and families during this unprecedented crisis. We know from experience how much it means to them to have them in our thoughts. And we know how empowering it is to focus on doing good for others.

Operation Can-Do comes just in the nick of time to give families and households something positive to do, while providing hours of creative fun.

Read the press release.

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