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Fun Home Projects for the Family

Stuck at home? Why not try out this FUN art project from our very own [email protected] art instructor Sherry Wallack! Please share your finished artwork with us!! Stay Safe, Stay Home, Stay Healthy! Onward!!

great for fine motor control

Got Tin/Aluminum foil? A junk drawer? Paper or a paper plate? Glue? Small spoon? Does the attached give you ideas?
Maybe you have one or two of these?: Pasta, puzzle pieces, play coins, bottle caps, a lego base, leaves and flowers, a piece of window screen, rough sandpaper or a nail file, a sushi bamboo roller…what else? 

  • Simply glue down a bunch of fairly but not totally flat stuff you have around the house, to a base of paper or a paper plate.
  • Pull off a sheet of tin foil a little bigger than your base, tape it or just hold it down over your glued down stuff and GENTLY rub over all with the back of a small spoon or your finger!
  • Careful. Don’t crush or rip the foil. If you do, maybe it will look cool. THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN ART!!!
  • Hey! You can do a rubbing of almost anything! I’m looking at my cantaloupe…such a cool texture. What have you got?
  • COLOR IT with permanent markers, like Sharpies! (Keep away from clothes and cover your table top.)

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