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Introducing Corey B. Bearak, Esq., 2016 Spirit of Theresa Award Honoree

Introducing Corey B. Bearak, Esq.,  2016 Spirit of Theresa Award Honoree

Corey B. Bearak, Esq. is not only an attorney, he is a community advocate. He has been in public service for over 20 years, including counseling clients who face difficult public policy matters, helping the special needs community in dealing with governmental issues and working within his community to make it a better place.

Corey’s career began in 1978 by working as Assistant to New York Secretary of State, Mario M. Cuomo. In later roles in New York City, he worked on public initiatives, legislation, and laws relating to public transit, clean water, police oversight, affordable housing, tax reform, hazardous substances, recycling and solid waste management, handguns, a community policing initiative, a model alternative-to-incarceration plan and a strategic clean air plan.

“Making a Difference” is part of Corey’s DNA. He feels it is important to give back every day. When asked why it is so important to him, he responded, “Often in your life, you are helped by others, whether it is family, friends, teachers or colleagues. Not everyone starts their life with a silver spoon. It is important to recognize that the help you received from others shaped who you are today. It makes you feel good when you can help someone get a positive result.” At the same time, Corey does not seek accolades for his good work.

Corey’s dedication to his community has been shown in a number of ways. He has worked on numerous causes he felt would better his community which he calls “little victories.” He worked on getting two different traffic lights installed on roads that were dangerous. He helped come up with a plan to get the roads in his town repaved even though there were obstacles preventing them from getting it done. He also helped pass a law that would require smoke detectors be installed in order for the sale of a house. These “little victories” as he called them have positively impacted thousands of people and saved lives.

In addition to his work in the community, Corey is involved with a number of organizations, including Gotham City Networking, where he was recognized as the 2011 “Networker of the Year.” Corey co-chairs GOtham GREEN®, Brooklyn Power Breakfast Group and Staten Island Gotham, and is a member of Gotham’s Long Island Legal and Gotham Towers groups.

Corey also served on the Board of Directors of the Hofstra University School of Law Alumni Association. He has managed and coached teams in the Glen Oaks Little League from 1992 through 2004, including three district champions. Corey is currently the acting President of his local Civic Association and is a member of the charitable Fraternal Order Knights of Pythias, FDR Lodge #613. In 2011, Corey was awarded the “Supreme Chancellor’s Certificate of Honor for Volunteer Service in the Community” by the Knights of Pythias for his over 1,500 hours of community service (between August, 2008 and July, 2012) to nine organizations that serve the community, its seniors and youth.

Corey lives in Bellrose, New York with his wife, Rachelle. Together they have a son, Jonathan, and a daughter, Marisa. Thank you Corey for all that you do for us.