Theresa Foundation

Our Vision, Our Mission


The Theresa Foundation has a vision of the world where artistic expression and physical recreation are just as important to adults as they are to children. We believe in a world where every child, regardless of ability or challenging conditions, is free to communicate through and participate in every art or recreational activity.

A society without art is a society without soul. Art enables us to express our inner thoughts, fears, joys, and sadness. Our artistic expression—whether written, danced, painted, or sculpted—tells us who we are, what is important to us, and how we relate to the world.

Likewise, physical recreation, in all its forms—from individual and team sports, to dance, and yoga—is good for the mind and the body, forming an essential component of health and wellness.

Because children are our future, we believe in nurturing each child, and the inalienable rights of artistic expression and physical recreation for all.



The Theresa Foundation honors the memory of Theresa Alessandra Russo by touching the lives of children with special needs and their families.

The Foundation fosters each child’s unique abilities by supporting programs focusing on art, music, dance, drama, and recreation.