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The 22nd Annual Theresa Awards Dinner — “From the Bottom of My Heart”

The 22nd Annual Theresa Awards Dinner Honorees

On Friday, May 6th, Theresa Foundation supporters joined from near and far to celebrate the accomplishments of our deserving honorees and raise funds for the Theresa’s of the world at the 22nd Annual Theresa Awards Dinner.

At the outset of the evening, our host and Theresa’s sister, Elizabeth Einhart, shared with us the reason we celebrate the Theresa Awards Dinner the first Friday in May each year.

“Most of you here today probably don’t know this. The timing of the awards dinner is not happenstance. For my family, this is a special time of year and its importance is twofold. It is an opportunity to recognize and applaud the honorees, and for my family it gets even more personal than that.

We also celebrate Theresa’s birthday. Theresa was born May 5th, 1986, 30 years ago. She lived a short life; only 5-1/2 years. As quickly as those years passed, they were filled with some of the happiest memories of my life. It was a time when my family was together, all in one place. It was a time when I could hug my sister freely — whenever I wanted. I think that’s something that most people take for granted; being able to hug the people that they love whenever they want.

When you lose that- it’s the kind of loss that stays with you forever. As I celebrate Theresa’s birthday each year, I can’t help but think about how old she would have been and the life she would have led. Sometimes I feel sad; I admit that I always cry a little bit. But this isn’t a sad time.

My family chooses celebration over mourning. This is the ultimate reason why we host the Theresa Awards dinner around the time of her birthday. We celebrate her life. We celebrate her memory.

We celebrate The Foundation’s accomplishments over the past year. We celebrate our dedicated supporters. We celebrate our esteemed honorees. And we remember that little girl, with her curly pigtails, bright smile, and big brown eyes.”

We were pleased to recognize three deserving honorees and their efforts within their communities, Theresa Award Recipients, Robert McGuire (the Executive Director of CPNassau) and Elizabethanne (“Betsy”) Miller Angevine, Esq. (NAELA member), and Spirit of Theresa Award Recipient Corey B. Bearak, Esq. The three humbly accepted their Theresa Award and thanked the people in their lives that made their work possible.

Guests had a wonderful time singing and dancing along to their favorite Motown hits. We were even so lucky as to have CP Nassau’s singing group, Creations, perform a few Motown hits for us.

The Theresa Awards Dinner raised over $80,000. Your support this year will be targeted to a major renovation project at Theresa’s Fun Place – A Playground and Park on the grounds of the Children’s Learning Center in Roosevelt, Long Island. The Foundation has made an initial commitment of $50,000 for this project.

The Theresa Foundation is proud to make a donation of $5,000 in each honoree’s name to the Special Needs Organization of their choice. Both Bob McGuire and Corey B. Bearak, Esq. donated the $5,000 in their honor to the renovation of Theresa’s Fun Place (the Children’s Learning Center of Cerebral Palsy Nassau). Elizabethanne Miller Angevine, Esq. selected Bet Tzedek Self-Help Conservatorship Clinic of Los Angeles for her $5,000 grant.

This year over 500 people were involved in supporting our Theresa Awards Dinner, by attending the event, purchasing journal ads and raffles, and donating baskets, dinner certificates, and silent auction items. For only the second time, there were over 300 in attendance at the Dinner. Our Theresa Awards Committee and dedicated supporters took the Awards Dinner to another level this year and the Foundation thanks you, “From the Bottom of Our Hearts.”