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Vollies in the Spotlight

At TAPA, we lovingly refer to those who work one-on-one with our students as “vollies.” In this issue, we would like to highlight two of our vollies, Trisha Crean and Nancy Hurst. We are so grateful for their dedication to our students and our program!

Trisha Crean

Trisha Crean with a special needs child

Trisha came to TAPA several years ago, and has since been involved in practically all of our programming since then. Her favorite aspect of the program is seeing the students grow and achieve milestones. The students are so inspiring and important to her that “you could come here on a day when you are not at your best and leave feeling wonderful.” She believes that TAPA is a special program because the classes are small and “all the students get all the attention.” We couldn’t agree more!

Nancy Hurst

Nancy Hurst with a special needs child

Nancy got involved with TAPA five summers ago. Since then, she’s worked at our summer camp program, our after school program, and also our weekend respite and workshops. Her favorite part of being at TAPA is “just being around the kids – they always make me smile.” She proudly touts TAPA as “an amazing program for children and young adults with special needs. The staff is amazing. They are so loved by all who work there!”

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